It was so much eaiser to turn any music into a cue note in Sibelius. Why is it so difficult in D

I am writing a clarinet part from an existing score that is not in the current file. I need to create a cue for a bassoon. The Bassoon is not part of the file. I am lost on how to do this. You could turn any notes in Sibelius into a cue. Why is Dorico so complicated???

If you don’t want a proper cue and just cue-sized notes, you can input the “cue” as regular notes and make them cue-sized via the bottom panel.

There is a cue capability in Dorico, but that is designed to create a cue in one player for a player which is also in the file.
If all you need is cue-sized notes, then select the notes. open the Properties panel and use Scale (or Custom Scale) to change the size of the selected notes.

Another way of doing this is to add a Bassoon staff to the file, but hide that staff from the “full score” layout. Then, you can create a cue the normal way, but the bassoon won’t show up in the score. This is probably the way I would do it, personally, as then it will only appear in the part and not the score without having to do any extra things. If you do not care whether the cue appears in your score or not, then it is probably just easier to put in the cue as cue-sized notes as described previously.

The reason that the cue function is designed this way is to ensure that when you make any edits to the original line that is the source of the cue (in this case, a bassoon line), the cue in the other parts (ex. clarinet) automatically updates with these new notes instead of the cue requiring manual updates everywhere.


Thank you I will try this and some of the other suggestions. Most helpful.