Italian song...

Hi everyone!
I wrote a song for an italian guy and I need your feedback.
I made everything (playing, recording, mixing, but I’m not the singer…).
I recorded that boy with a Ribera R47 into an BAE 1073 (EQ in, slightly).

Tell me what you think and - as always - thanks. :slight_smile:

EDIT: fixed link. :wink:

yeh divshare is wanting to install something ,so sorry cant listen . y dont you put it on soundcloud

Fixed. :wink:

Nice production but not a particularly good song…intro is way too long…

yes i agree with Kevin . the production is too big for the song .

Thanks guys. :wink:
The song is witten with few notes, 'cause the singer (the client) can’t reproduce well every pitch (he have some handicap, unfortunately). Maybe I could do something better, I dunno… :confused:
So, the client does’t like much the production and it’s funny to get back your feedback. I do the possible, but that’s it. :slight_smile:

You did your best for your client, unfortunately the client isn’t up to your standard…

I think there’s not a “standard” for such client. Seriously. He’s simply a man used to say “no no” to everything, just to show his “competence”. :slight_smile: