Italic text Issue

Hi there, When I’m exporting my work as a PDF. I open it, it show me the title and subtitle and copyright text in italic mode! But in dorico I cheek everything in regular mood

What font are you using? Can you show us a screenshot of the PDF result, and the display in Dorico? Are you sure that the font you are using has the style you have selected?



Are you on Windows or Mac? Are you exporting the PDF from Dorico’s Graphics Export controls in Print mode, or from some other means?

Do you have Acrobat Reader? It has a feature to list the fonts used in the PDF, with information about them. (Command D on Mac, CTRL D on PC.)

Comic Sans is never a good choice! :grin:

There is no italic version of Comic Sans MS, only Regular and Bold styles. Unfortunately on Windows, the operating system will always pretend that italic, bold and bold italic versions are available for every font, and it will then synthesise (i.e. generate on demand) that font for you when you request it, but this doesn’t extend to PDF export.

Because of this behaviour in Windows it can be difficult to tell whether a font is real or synthesised (Dorico itself can’t detect it, for example), but if you run into this kind of problem when you export a PDF, it’s the reason why.

Please choose another font.

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In addition, those generated italics are note real italics but an artificial transformation of the regular font. Real italics are specially designed by the font designer.

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From what I can gather, the problem is rather that the PDF is creating the Italic where no italic has been assigned: the opposite of asking for Italic and getting none.

You are right. I had misread.

Just for your information, there are Italic and Bold Italic styles but they’re not installed with macOS/OS X.