Italicizing Only Titles in Copyright

I need to italicize only title names in copyright text. The rest of the text should be Regular. For example: My Beautiful Music by Me, ©2022.

Is there a way to assign a Character Style or even just italics to certain words in the Copyright text in the Project Info dialog?

Theoretically I could do a workaround, but I would rather work within Dorico’s general method.

I think you could do it using a text item that contains multiple tokens, e.g.

Copyright {@projectCopyright@} {@projectTitle@} by {@projectComposer@}. © {@projectCompositionYear@}.

If you’re using Dorico Pro, you should edit the Page Template in Engrave Mode. Don’t edit the page directly. That will create the dreaded Page Override.

That would work if there’s just one title. In my case it’s an arrangement containing multiple titles.

That’s the workaround I’ll probably use if there’s no other method.