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With the rise in EDM, one-time-use effects is SUPER common. The track-based effects system needs to be augmented with item-based effects/automation. It would be incredible to non-destructively add effects to single items (see SONAR, which does this BEAUTIFULLY!) and automate them, with options for Freeze etc.

Can you explain more please, i don’t understand. :wink:

You can also do this in Reaper, it’s a really useful option.

Basically you can add an insert to any audio event, the insert is not printed to the audio so you can go back in and adjust the settings.

A usage example may be a cymbal track made up of many audio events, you might want to add some reverb to one particular section. This way you can do that and not affect the rest of the cymbal track and if you decide it needs less reverb the next day then you can go into the plugin and make those adjustments.

It saves taking up an insert just to add an effect for a short space of time, and considering the silly limit of 8 inserts Cubase has this seems like a useful addition.


Also Studio One has this.

Big +1


So +1

For people who don’t see the benefits/use of this:

  1. Take a single word in a vocal, splice it into its own clip, and put a crazy reverb (like a throw reverb!) just on that single word. Current scenario involves dedicating an entire send to a reverb you’ll use once, then sending the entire vocal track to it and automating just that word to feed the send.

  2. Getting fancy with Transition Effects. Say I want to create a white-noise swell by automating the frequency on a bitcrusher to get a retro/futuristic LPF effect, literally stick a bitcrusher ON the white-noise sample, automate the frequency knob, done.

No channel inserts, no automation lanes dedicated to a single instance of an effect…the automation stays on the clip, and moves with the clip if you duplicate it.




+1 awesome if this happens


Off-line Processing w/Automation ??

i would love to see that :slight_smile:

no, the opposite. it’s rather a real-time but per-object (preferrably drag-and-drop-style, not delving through menu’s) processing, usually without automation. (but would be great with it!)

Please watch Sonar’s handling of this. It is GORGEOUS.

Would love it, it is a great feature…

but seems like a lot of programming, seems like something that to some degree would have to be built ground up. I don’t know, could be wrong.

also, I have grown accustomed to that limitation and I think it forces me to come up with other solutions. I admit I am afraid to have that much control over every part in my arrangement. I think it would make me lazy and less decisive.

Great feature… I do not want it. I would buy Studio One the day I feel I need such an influential feature.


Steinberg already have this in Wavelab. I’d love to see it in Cubase.