Items attached to hidden staves can go missing

Apologies in advance for the size of the attached screenshot - it’s huge!
The left tab shows a part layout that allows staves to be hidden. The right tab shows a score layout that doesn’t allow staves to be hidden.
The “mf” marking visible in the score is not visible in the part, because it’s attached to the upper stave.

Could I request that one or more of three things could be considered for future versions, please?

  1. Dynamics alone are enough to make a hide-able staff visible (this would give me an unnecessary staff but a necessary dynamic)
  2. Dynamics attached to the bottom staff of a grand staff instrument automatically receive “above staff” placement (if this happened I’d never have tried attaching this dynamic to the upper staff)
  3. Stuff attached to a staff remains visible even if the staff is hidden (not quite sure how that would work)

Thank you!

Yes, I agree that really the presence of the dynamic should prevent the staff from being hidden.