Items missing from Info Line (Elements 10.5.30)

Hi, when I import audio files some of the items in the Info Line are missing. If I record directly onto the track all 13 options are there but when I import an audio file they’re not. Only Name. Start, End, Length, Offset and Mute. All are 16-bit mono audio files on mono tracks and I’m importing files via the File/Import/Audio File route.

I’ve compared the properties of each imported audio file in the Pool with directly recorded ones and they appear to be the same. Any suggestions as to where I’m going wrong?

Thanks in advance


What parameters are you missing in the Info Line, please?

Hi Martin - thanks for getting in touch. I’ve found a workaround - a bit long-winded but it works. I think the problem is that I’m editing the imported audio files then gluing the bits together into one file. It’s that resulting file that has the missing parameters.

The missing ones: Snap, Fade In, Fade Out, Volume, Invert Phase, Transpose, Fine-Tune, Musical Mode, Algorithm

The only ones I get after editing/gluing are: Start, End, Length, Offset, Mute

Anyway as I said I can get round the problem by muting everything except the track I’m working with and doing a mixdown to .wav. Then when I import the resulting file all the parameters are there. Not ideal but it works. I can’t find a bounce function in Elements - is there one?

Thanks again


By this, you get an Audio Part, which is not an Audio Event which you had before. If you want to get an Audio Event from an Audio Part, use the Bounce Selection, function, please.

Thanks again Martin, I didnt realize there was a Bounce Selection function in Elements - that’s great.