Iterative quantizing for Auto-Quantize

Would be nice to have the ability use iterative quantizing in auto-mode to hear immediately how much quantizing sounds good.

Been asking for this since before the wheel…

It felt like a question from the Stone Age to me, too:)

I’m curious – Since auto-quantize happens in real time, how would you expect/want it to work in practice?

Oh it looks like the name has changed to Soft Quantize Mode, or I used the wrong one from the beginning. :blush: Anyway, I mean Soft Quantize Mode. In practice: I imagine it as setting the percentage value and immediately hearing the change, making it easier for me to find the sweet spot.

Yes, it has.

Interesting feature request. I removed the Cubase 10 tag, since it can’t be added to old Cubase 10.


Your feature request will not make it easier for you to find the sweet spot.
It is an interesting request but what you describe will not achieve what you want.

We also need AQ button to maintain the Quantize menu settings. Iterative Quantize is ignored.