Its 2020 and we are still using Dongles- Frustrating

  • I have been patiently waiting but no signs of getting rid of dongles. I will probably not spend time here anymore
    Do people really prefer dongles the very thought of it is nauseating
    -I am still on Cubase 7.5 i hesitate to update just because of this one reason dongle usage. ONLY this reason (i was about to hit purchase cubase10 pro)
  • Its very inconvenient with advent of powerful 2 in 1s and insane processing power working anywhere i want and jam some beats out at a creative thought . Plugging this dongle thing always fearing its gonna snap its a big hindrance . With busy lifestyle i cannot be attached to my desk relying on this piece of hardware
  • the one dongle i have already is patched with tape just from desktop usage adn on verge of getting destroyed

So final questions is is Steinberg looking into strong online activations like hundreds of other vst and software i use ?

Just trying to see if time for me to move on or steinberg you are thinking probably doesn’t matter because of this one customer ?

sorry for rant .Thanks for listening - long time Steinberg cubase customer

Would you not do something if your business was nearly destroyed by piracy?

It’s not a big deal imo, I’m fine using a dongle knowing it prevents privacy, that is easy to accept in my mind - and that any other alternative protocols such as periodic online/cloud authorization are going to take resources and development and time to set up.

I’m sure Steinberg would love to not have piracy problem thus allowing them to not have to use dongle authentication, thus a allowing people to demo.

I just hope they don’t go down the route of always being connected to the Internet in order to use Cubase, as that would be worse!

If it’s a software licence/service which needs to call in once a week/month, then I am sure most will be fine with that.

Even then, I would prefer a dongle. fvck the internet.

I have used Cubase for 25 years now … ever since Cubase 3.0. With the dongle, we are really stuck in the stone ages. The new macbooks don’t even have a USB port.

I broke my dongle today because my kid threw my macbook from the bed. A new dongle will now cost me $30 … I do this about once every 1-2 years and its very painful even though there is no downturn, its very frustrating.

I am seriously considering moving to Logic Pro … they have a free version for 90 days. I feel sad because I have been on Cubase for so long … Arghh!

I think Steinberg have something lined up for v11.

I like dongle, not bad for me… :unamused:

Ya this issue is really painful!

I love my Dongle.


Regards :sunglasses:


I like the dongle. It sits in a dock mounted under my desk giving anyone who comes into my studio and plugs into the dock access to all my iLok and eLicenser licenses.

They should allow both the dongle and whatever other thing they might do.

I feel like the dongle should work over the network though since I have a multi-room recording studio with 3 different computers. Having to move it around the facility is annoying but it’s still quicker than de-activating or transferring a license online from one computer to another. I don’t have to do it too often. Most of the time I’m moving the laptop from one room to another also. I’m probably going to end up with multiple Cubase licenses. I’m the only one using Cubase here at the moment though. In fact, I’m the only one here period because of Covid. That will change though.

I use Cubase on a laptop primarily, and several modern laptop models don’t even have a USB-A port anymore. For example, MacBooks only have USB-C ports, and have few in number. Cubase needs to have a non-dongle option. There’s a case for it for some use cases, but there’s definitely a need for the ability to run Cubase without a dongle and without an active Internet connection. For laptops, it’s the latter.

I think it would be good to have internet as an option. But then you need to be sure that it can not be stolen. It is also problematic with GDPR and they also solve the issue that is should be be shared among users…

You have to purchase the software for each computer or move the license, this is pretty much the case for all commercial software whether Audio or HR management or graphic design.

People could hack internet connections to appear as networks and create pirate networks

I have never been in a situation where the dongle was an inconvenience for me. I honestly don’t understand what all the fuss is about. It makes me feel better about my purchase knowing that people can’t just download it for free?

I would accept the dongle as a kind of “activator” for a license on a machine. Giving you the opportunity to have Cubase on more than one computer. Presonus for instance allows you to install S1 on at least 2 or even 4 machines (not using a dongle at all).
So if we could use the dongle to be plugged in once to activate a license of Cubase on a machine an then be offline, that’ll be great.

Also, I do not like the idea to have all my money = licenses stored on a tiny piece of hardware.
Don’t missunderstand SB zero downtime offer. This does not mean that you can easily reactivate your license in case of loss of your dongle.
The dongle is your treasure. It’s gone, so are your licenses! NO WAY to recover them.

That is the most firghtening fact about their dongle + still thinking if it may not take a few percentage of the compute power, though it may be today of minor importance. But finally, Steinberg has to make a move soon!