It's going to be a HOT one on our last day on earth!

yeah, seen that one :slight_smile:
3000km/h winds too, no need to shave me thinks.

Goodbye. It will be the 21st Dec here in just over an hour. Was nice knowing you and good luck with your own demise… somewhere in the next 24hrs.

If the roads are still intact… I actually have an End Of World BBQ to attend tomorrow…


No shrimps here (or in NZ as far I know!), it’s prawns mate, and you don’t “put” them on, you chuck 'em. And get me another brew while you’re at it…quick, before you know what :wink:.


poof? :open_mouth:

Not tonight Josephine :wink: .


Damnit, I was on a Business Development telecom when the world was supposed to end. You have no idea how much I was rooting for it at that point.


I went to the grandkids concert yesterday too, my smile muscles are sore today… Glad I got to see them before the end… spent part of today editing the video I took there. Perhaps that will survive the blast somehow?

Not hot here… snowing and blustery, but that’s pretty much normal, I am pleased to say.

I had fun arguing with the wife today, saying “it IS the end of the world” instead of the usual “it’s NOT the end of the world” if I don’t to that chore you’re asking me to do! :laughing:

Perhaps a few people out there thought about how precious all our days are, and made good use of “their last one”, even learned something perhaps.


Worst. Apocalypse. Ever. :angry:

When is the next one?

Maybe some billions of years time, but it’ll be a doozey :slight_smile: .


Don’t hold your breath …

Yeah, a total flop. I want a refund… no rainchecks please. :laughing:

Me too … from my ISP. My net connection went chaotic in the evening of 21st: timeouts, even DNS queries took 10 seconds or more, took 1 hour (and countless reloads) to order a christmas present for my nephew from the local web-store…

It felt like End Of The World!

Hanging about in Cat houses Steve?.. A sordid Christmas it is then! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

Sorry, could not let that opportunity slide by… :mrgreen:


:laughing: :laughing: