It's NOW, not never...

“New”(Used) Dell Latitude E6510, sitting on cabinet in studio, waiting to play.
Far as I can tell: Windows 7 Pro / X64 / i7 dual core, 2.67 GHz, 3 Gb RAM(Available 1.89) / e SATA port / 4 USB ports(Probably all USB 2?). Likely will upgrade to 4Gb’s RAM(Could do 8) & Internal SSD. Could add an external SSD with e SATA? SD card slot available, as well. Could use Thumb Drives, as well(“Extra” drives can be used for what? Temp files? Still needed?).

Will I need to have more than it’s own internal HD(Likely 250 Gb, 7200 RPM), to do Wavelab(Of either version)???

New Tascam UH-7000, at B&H, waiting to be ordered(Today?)

New Wavelab, sitting at B&H, also waiting to be ordered(Today?).

If you have “issues” with the Dell or the Tascam, let me know - NOW!
I cannot come-up with anything better for the price - and that’s what I’m down to - price.

WHICH WAVELAB? FULL OR ELEMENTS? If I must, I will. If I don’t have to, I would appreciate it(For now.).

I do basic voiceover(Yes, with my basic voice.), which I send to clients to do as they wish in their productions.

What I have NOW. Followed by my usual sequence of events, using WL 5, then 6… best as I can relate:

Antique Windows XP desktop. 3 hard drives(80 Gb Seagate 7200’s). HD #1 - OS/WL. HD #2 - “WL Temp Files”. HD #3 - Data(VO) Storage. AKG C414, DBX 376(I use AES/EBU out to:), Lynx One. Speaker Controller/Headphone amp, SM Audio M-Patch 2. Yamaha MSP5A’s. Beyer Phones.

Sequence of normal events - best I can recollect at the moment:

Open WL 6(FULL) - 24/48, mono WAV(32 bit - right?). Hit red button - Hit “record” - Record - Hit “stop”. Edit waveform, including manual compression. Under “Process” - EQ - Level Normalizer, to -1 db. … Save under new name as 16/44.1, .mp3(Whatever the highest mono rate is?). No Dither. Done. Copy to thumb drive. Put in other machine(The one on the internet). Listen, again, to make sure it’s still there. Send it out to client.

OFTEN! - “Time Stretch”(Though usually “Time Shrink!”) Normal/Standard/ Preserve Pitch/Dirac. “Average Time/Frequency Localization”(Only settings I’ve ever liked.) - I think?

Sometimes I use some of the other features - Plug-Ins, Master Section, whatever, but rarely. I am NOT an engineer. I don’t even get most of the stuff. STILL!!! What will I miss, that will make me cry, if I go with WL Elements???

Seems it only does 16 bit editing??? I don’t think I like that(Do I?) - I need all the “basic” help I can get.

“Does only 3 “tracks””??? I do only mono(Ultra rarely, stereo.). Am I “good”, here??? Can still do as many individual “takes” as I want, each on a new waveform…? Rarely need to record and mix “tracks” - right? Not making records, here.

What else???

The sound is the thing - the only thing. The Tascam(Yes, it worries me, too. Hope my DBX works with the thing, as well as my M-Patch, so as to avoid the “Level EXPLOSION!!!”, with a wrong button-push on the 7000 - since said to be “corrected”?) and the Dell, together, don’t cost much more than FULL WL… Do I need FULL WL(At least for now?)… Don’t know what I’m worried about. If I try Elements and it’s “not enough”, I’ll lose a hundred bucks. No biggie, I guess(But at the moment it seems like it is. Pardon me.). I detest going cheap and making cheap, costly mistakes. Must try.

What do you think?

Full WL or Elements?

Teddy G.

Hi “PG” - Not trying to cheap-out on ya’, just…?

Never mind…

Didn’t know of the time lapse for “topic approved”… Been awhile.

“Tracking” says, Tascam UH-7000 and Wavelab Elements 8, will be here, today.

I’ll let you know how it works - for me…

TG, Lititz, Pa.

  1. Highlight something. Right click. No option to “play selection”? Doesn’t even know I made a selection TO play. What did I do wrong? Can Mute or ‘Remove’ the highlighted area, if I don’t need to check what I’m muting or removing - which I do. This must be something simple.

  2. Want to make .Mp3’s, every time I run WL8E, for auditions or “test” send-outs(Or just to hear, approximately, how bad it will sound on TV.). No rendering, no dithering, just “best quality” Mono .mp3, from a 24/48 .Wav. Will never ask to do it any other way, for any other reason or format - I promise. How do I set this up to make this duty as easy as possible.

Yes, I have purchased the .Mp3 Update I didn’t know I needed(But not tried, yet! Took two hours to get my “activation email” - the gig was done by then - long done.) - started purchase during the first gig, the hour after I set everything up the first time(I didn’t ask for the audition then, it just happened. Done this a million times , how different could it be…?). After an hour or so, somehow, I stumbled through enough steps to get one .Mp3, done - only one I needed this afternoon. Not at all like the instructions. Not like WL6.

All W8E “experience”, I’d love to hear…

I can’t leave it at just whining… Some of the changes are very nice!


In WL (perhaps not E) you can audition codecs real time. If this is important for your workflow, maybe worth the upgrade.

Hey Rat,

Probably won’t help me, as I don’t know what you mean by “audition codecs”, in real-time or otherwise.

If you tell me what to look for, I’ll look!


By ‘audition’ I mean that you can hear … in real time … what the track will sound like in iTunes, or an mp3 at various KPBS, etc. as the track plays. Without actually encoding (converting) it.

This is done by loading the Encoder Checker in the master section. Once you make your choice of codec (iTunes, mp3 etc), press play and you hear what you will hear when the track is ‘converted’. This is all real time.

Page 374 of the WL8.5 Manual.

This is very useful indeed when Mastering For iTunes in particular.

The other option is to insert the Sonnox Oxford Pro Codec (which I also have) but this is not inexpensive.

Hope this helps.

Oh, I get you - cool!

Will see if that option is in Elements.

STILL! I also must make actual .Mp3’s, to send out.

So far, with only two hours of trying to figure it out - sigh - I seemed to have to go through all the steps, individually, to get one done?

Maybe now that I have the “extra pay” .Mp3 widget, the “click encode”, “click .Mp3”, option will come-up? Thought I tried that after installing? Will try it, again, as soon as I can.

In WL6(Full), I don’t know if it was “easier”, or, I had just figured it out.

You could set up a batch processor … again I am not sure if elements has this. Set the Output to the mp3 specs you need.

Hope this helps.