It's taken a year but...

Cubase 7 finally rocks!

I knew we’d get there in the end!

it’s hironic? :smiley:
I’ve installed yesterday with a friend license, now you can’t disable asio guard and you have fixed more latency, some spikes more than before, and occasionally crash with Kontakt 5 and Addictive drums. I’ve also noticed the stereo/mono button on the control room does not work, only stereo no mono signal on master out ahahhah, external ffx panel cannot be saved, more cpu stress… some other issues on the mixer… and listening the mix, I think there are some strange summing sound on final stereo out.

But yes more solid than 7.0.6, nice fluid black instead metal attitude, and new reverb… very very useful…

I’ve switched again to 6.5.5 :cry:

I’ve forgot to speak about the new instrument rack… it’s for blind people? with 8 instruments i’ve finished my monitor 24", on the macbook it’s completely unusable… i will not upgrade sorry… not yet, wait for Cubase 8.

I agree we need a “lite” version of the instrument track.
It doesnt really bother me as i only use it to add new vsti instances, and i dont use that many.

As for your previous post…i can’t tell about the control room issues but i certainly can enable and disable asio guard at will, i havent experienced any crashes with Kontakt 5 (i dont have AD) and latency looks fine to me.

But then again, 7.0.6 also worked fine for me, might be differences in our workflow that affects you in a different way

Unfortunately I can’t concur. The trouble with the MixConsole on a 2nd monitor just ruins everything else. I really hope they get the sorted out in one of the upcoming patches.

You mean plugins dissapearing with you have the console in full screen mode?

I agree with you, that needs to be fixed (doesnt affect me, but i dont know why they didnt fixed it for this release)

and workspaces not returning the console to the proper settings/zoom. Zoom not saving/remembering between opening closing, keycommands don’t work unless console is in focus.

I think this must be a Windows only problem.

I don’t think so … do you have 2 monitors? put MixConsole on 2nd monitor then open a plug from the console, then click on the console. Plug goes behind. I thought for sure this happened on mac also.

Oh right, I see. I have two monitors, but this doesn’t affect my work flow since I always have my plugs on the other monitor!

Strengthens my case for using 3 monitors… :wink:

that’s why I have 3 monitors , click on the third monitor and the plugin’s come to the front … no real hassle for me and all my mixer templates save and reload as they should and im not MAC

And yes 7.5 ROCKS !!!

of course … click click click … .that’s what makes the Borgz happy!

damn I fell straight into your “click” trap , as ive said with 3 monitors it really doesn’t bother me .