It's too tedious to show an automation lane for any parameter I want to draw automation for

Lets say I want to draw in an automation curve for an insert’s dry/wet knob. How do I access that automation lane? In other DAWs like Studio One and Reaper for example, I can click once on the knob, press a keyboard shortcut, and the automation lane pops up. It takes half a second to show the lane.

In Nuendo/Cubase, my options are:

  1. Go through menus to find the parameter.
  2. Turn write on, press play, move the knob, press stop, turn write off, press ctrl+Z to undo the points it created. (this only works if the option is enabled that automatically shows the lane when automation is written)

It seems like it would be a very easy feature to implement to just add a “Show last touched parameter on automation lane” key command.

The current way of doing this is ridiculous in my opinion.

You can right click the parameter you want to automate on the plugin interface, then select “Show “(control)” Automation Track”. Am I misunderstanding something here?

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That only works on stock plugins and SOME 3rd party vst3 plugins. The majority of them don’t do that.


That’s fair. I’ve added the feature request tag to your thread.

For third party plugins that don’t support this feature, an workaround is to right click the top of the plugin control panel and select “Switch to Generic Editor”. You can then right click the blue bars or power buttons for the parameters to quickly show their automation tracks without having to write automation first. I realize this isn’t ideal either, but it could help make things less painful in situations where you know you’ll automate multiple parameters from a single plugin.


Thanks! And thanks for the workaround I’ll try this out.

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I wasn’t aware of the generic editor. That’s actually pretty cool. Another Nuendo Easter egg.

Another way that I use often is the following:
Make a key command for (Automation) Preview-Mode. Alternatively you could hit the preview button in the automation window. Then move the control(s) you want to automate. The lane(s) will appear automatically. It they don’t, be sure to enable the option to ‘show parameters on write’, in the settings tab of the automation window.
Remember to exit preview mode before you start editing (hit the button twice!)! It’s the fastest way I know that works for all Plug-Ins.



Oh wow! Yeah that definitely is way faster - still not perfect but definitely the best option. Thank you!!

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I completely forgot to consider Nuendo’s automation preview function, which is not available in Cubase Pro. That’s definitely the best solution for Nuendo users.


That’s it, thank you. That was the last part I missed before I could do all the stuff from Reason in Cubase.

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Ha, I just “came up” with this trick today, and remember I read someone asking for this on the forum, but great that you already have covered how to do it.
Happy that I have Nuendo just for the extended Automation features :slight_smile: