I've Been Here Before

A new song this time. It came about through a chance moment when the chorus popped into my head and I knew I had to create something about the lingering doubt (fear?) that I might descend into the depths of depression if the triggers appeared and were not dealt with. The music is more upbeat than that comment suggests. Again, I recorded everything other than the lead work (David Cottingham). I’m really grateful for his input and musicianship.


all the best


Love the lead guitar tone, nice playing too but it’s stereo panned to the extremes and all but disappears in mono, indeed the balance of the whole song shifts drastically in mono - need to sort yourself out some mono monitoring, the track has a decent feel (drums sound very Ken Scott boxy - dunno if that’s a good thing or a bad thing! - Kind of retro I guess!), really like the bass playing, my main criticism is the vocal, not so much the performance (those things are too subjective to comment) but the mixing, it sits over the mix, sort of pasted over the top. Is there a glue reverb for the main instruments? If not try creating one and send the vocal to it to put it in the same space as the rest of the instruments, a subtle delay might help the issue too. A decent effort which will really benefit from a few more hours rebalancing the stereo imaging of the mix and figuring out how to glue the vocal into the overall sound-stage.

Wow! Thanks for all of that. Good advice and plenty for me to work on. I must say that nothing has been panned but I will look at it from a mono point of view to test what you heard. Fascinating that the guitar disappears. And the vocals, well mine anyway, it’s always hard to hear yourself objectively so thanks again for the input.


Hi Jonathan. I actually sent you a PM about the mono issue,
which I also picked up. The guitar literally vanishes in mono.

PM’d back. Thanks for your input.

Hi Jonathan, good track. I like Peppa Pig’s comments above, echoed by Jet, and add my own remark, which is, you might consider adding some fill variety to the drums and bass, as a positive suggestion. Very happy to hear a new thing from you.

Thanks Leon.

I’ve been working through a few issues with the tracks. I think I’ve sorted out why the guitars split and phased themselves out of existence in mono - it’s clearly a hardware issue. Although, the software (when I zoom in really close to the wave form) definitely shows the mirrored waves - hence the anti-phase. I’ve learned a lot about phase recently (thanks Jet).

I am yet to test what I’ve learned with any new recordings but I did manage to “fix” the current ones with a bit of luck and good management. I’m not entirely satisfied with the sound so will wait until I find some decent time and energy before I remix. I also need to work through the other bits of advice - they will take longer because it’s a personal taste sort of thing. Reworking the arrangements, even of the drum fills, (for me) takes a lot of thought in regards to the sound and style I was after.

Again, thanks to all who have listened and especially to those who have given such musical advice.

all the best