I've Gone Full Circle And Right Back To Cubase

Well I’m back!

I took a week away and went ‘other DAW’ shopping.

I tried the Reaper, FL Studio 12 and Studio One 3 demos.

I already own Studio One 2.6.5 but have not used it or even installed it in 2-3 years.

What sent me flying was a few too many glitches and other issues with C7.5.3 & 8.0.20.

Namely with the windows randomly disappearing.

If I click on a window, like the mixer to move it just a bit, and I miss with the mouse by just a tiny bit, the mixer would disappear and/or the VST open window showing Kontakt would just go.

Or if at anytime, I were to make the mistake of opening my audio interface’s GUI, Cubase comes to an instant pause, whereby I can’t see anything in my GUI now because there’s no more audio - not at least until I close that GUI again - and then Cubase resumes where it left off.

The 2 simple mistakes I made this time was:

  1. I changed one setting in Kontakt 4’s output section.
    I simply wanted to set it to 8 stereo outs, with each successive output pair 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, etc. to show in the Cubase mixer for individual processing, obviously.

  2. I changed a VST connection bus from 1 Stereo out to 2 Mono outs instead.

That was all it! That’s all it took!

Next thing I know, I can’t play a song I’ve been working on for months - in either C7.5 or 8.

“A Serious Problem has occurred…”…over & over again.

I finally get it to load in 7.5.3 after a long while and much ‘effen around’.

But every single mixer FX is gone - dozens of FX - all gone.

Upon restarting and loading the song - a very long list of what ‘could not be found’.

I get another song to finally open, but when given the option to ‘Activate’ it, it goes to the crash message above.

So then I choose not to Activate it, and the song finally plays - but only the sound!
No visible transport, no cursor, no mixer activity.

So I go up to the left to Activate it, and crash again.

I find it very hard to believe - in fact almost impossible - that all this damage could be done simple but making those 2 ultra simple setting adjustments mentioned above.

But ‘other DAW’ shopping just brought right back to Cubase.

And even though I like the mixer better, I bailed on Studio One 2 for Cubase 6.5 because of their [Presonus’] comfortable arrogance of purposefully ignoring us heavy MIDI users repeated requests, and continually leaving out any MIDI additions or contributions to their successive DAW versions - even to this day.

And after all, I’m into Cubase for 2 years now, some $700-800 dollars, a hundred of which was spent on the CMC-TP that I really like and can’t use anywhere else.

Plus I’ve made more music in Cubase that any other DAW I own. [Studio One 2.6.5 & Sonar X2a included].

So I’ve chosen to make Cubase work one way or another.

I’ve even forgiven the last time when some of my tracks were deleted earlier this year for no apparent reason when there was another Kontakt problem.

Kontakt was gone and all the associated recorded tracks all gone with it.

So…any recommendations regarding Kontakt 4 & 5, since I use at least one of these in every song?

And any recommendations on Cubase while we’re at it?

There almost seems to be a ‘touch of animosity’ between these 2 German softwares working together.

The ironic thing is that my Prefs were so solid for the longest time, that I even shared them with someone here, who then got up and running after about a year’s down time and was just about to bail on Cubase.

He then reported that all is well, with many thanks.

I look forward to your help and suggestions.

Thanks Buds,


normally there is a crash log written by cubase where you can nail down what plugin is causing the problem.
This kind of regular crashes is absolutely no normal behaviour for a DAW.
and btw: welcome back! :slight_smile:
kind regards,

since instrument tracks were originally NOT multitimbral I started using multiple instances of Kontakt and EW play, you could also save track presets this way too.

I found no extra resources were used and have had no problems working this way for a few years.

my system is VERY stable and I’ve score full length movies using Cubase and lots of Kontakt/play instances so it can work fine.


I have started trying to do this as well as often as possible. Kontakt used to have really easy routing to multiple outputs. The new way of doing it through their mixer is an absolute nightmare to set up. It is so bad in fact, that I try not to use Kontakt anymore if I can avoid it - just because of this issue.

I have started trying to do this as well as often as possible (multiple instances of Kontakt). A long time ago, Kontakt used to have really easy routing to multiple outputs. The new way of doing it through their mixer is an absolute nightmare to set up. It is so bad in fact, that I try not to use Kontakt anymore if I can avoid it - just because of this issue.

Thanks R.

I’ve quickly looked at the main error details, and it says Cubase is the crash.

Long ago, I saw Kontakt was the problem in those crash details, so I can see the difference this time.

If it keeps happening, I’ll have to submit a ticket I guess, but I have little faith in that, based on reading through these forums.

I saw somewhere there was a way to decipher your own crash reports, but I don’t remember where I saw it, whether here or elsewhere.

Hey MC,

I was wondering about that. I’m surprised that there’s no extra resources used. I would have thought there would be, which is why I haven’t done it that way.

But I can try it. Even if there’s a small amount of extra CPU usage, my system can handle it.
My performance meter is always quite healthy.

I am getting tired of having to assign the outputs each and every time I start a new song.
They always default to outs 1/2 across all 8 channels, even though in Kontakt’s mixer section, I ‘save current setting for default for all formats’, etc.

Doesn’t seem to matter. A real PITA.

I like Kontakt and I really like the libraries and samples I have for it, so I’m just not able to bail on it. I got K4 for $120.00 off of KVR.

I wouldn’t have even up’t to K5 except for the fact that every December, NI has a sale.

So I got it for $49.00, because I also bought a few libs. that require K5 as well.

But it seems that Kontakt and Cubase have trouble ‘playing nice’ together, pardon the pun.

lose kontakt

Hi all

I use Kontakt ALL the time without any problems whatsoever, however I don’t ever use it in multitimbral mode, I just load up more instances, I find it uses no extra resources (I’m sure it does but not seriously so) and makes routing and naming easier in the mixer.

Best Regards


+1, KIS (Keep it simple)


The above link goes to Native Instruments Forums about Kontakt.

In Reply #17, there are instructions from NI Support to this guy’s question.

And although not the exact same case or symptoms, I thought I’d add it here in case anyone wants to do these very simple steps.

I decided to do it.

The one part that’s missing in the Windows instructs is that these 3 files to delete are sitting in a folder also called ‘Db’.

I decided to uninstall and reinstall Q 7.5.4 & Q 8.0.20, including trashing & starting with new Prefs.

I took my sweet time carefully going through both versions setting things up.

I was then able to open an older project, and work without issue, with the exception of a few VST paths needing to be rescanned in the Plug in manager, which is to be expected.

I’ve disabled Multi-cores In both K4 & 5 as was recommended here on a different post.

IIRC, the options for cores are 8, 6, 4, 2, and Off.

@MC, toader & Dave - those who only use single instances of Kontakt, did you set the above to Off?