I've Just Bought an AT4033

That is a great mic. Still quite cheap compared to the U47 etc thats its always compared against. At the end of the day a good mic is a good mic, and I have a few including some valve stuff, one of my favourites is the unfashionable cheap SM58 but the 4033 is a bit special.

I love the 4033s. Have a couple. A place I really liked it (been a while since I used it there) is on a bass guitar cabinet. It shocked me using it there and how good it sounded. Mixing it with a SDC for acoustics, one above the shoulder and a pencil in front works great too.


the thing about a mic or a flightcase or similar studio gear is that you buy it. then 20 years later you look at it and remember back to when it was new, and how many times you’ve used it. unlike computers!

And it still works and is still useful!

I’ve got a 4033 also, I am fond of it! :sunglasses:

I’ve got a 4033a, I like it. It’s my only capacitor mic.

Funny – I just bought a used one at a pawnshop a couple days ago! They wanted $200, but I worked them down to $175. It’s a nice mic – sounds INFINITELY better than a C1 or NT1A

Could do nicely.

The 4033 is much smoother on acoustic than a C1, which I find quite “brittle” and hyped. I couldn’t get a nice recording using a C1 on anything, frankly.

actually, now that I think about it… the C1 is fine for a male vocal. Once upon a time, a cb.net poster was asking for suggestions for a mic for his voice, and I suggested a C1, which he bought, and it did sound pretty good on him