I've just purchased Dorico 4 upgrade and can't activate it -- HELP!

I’ve just purchased Dorico 4 upgrade from Dorico 3.5. I’ve used the Steinberg download assistant to download and install all the files, it’s apparently installed, but when I start it, this Steinberg activation thing pops up. When I click on the button to allow me to activate the software it opens a window on my browser which says:
Authorize Steinberg Activation Manager

To authorize Steinberg Activation Manager, you must allow your browser to open Steinberg Activation Manager. Once authorization is completed, you can close this page and continue working with Steinberg Activation Manager.

I can see no way to get my browser (Firefox) to work, yet that is the browser which opens up when I try to activate the software. I had to jump through enough hoops just to purchase and download the upgrade and I’m very very frustrated that after all that ( including entering my activation code to be able to download and install the product) I can’t simply run the program that I’ve paid for.

Please help me! I use the Steinberg USB e-licenser so I can easily move between computers.

I’m on 64-bit Windows Home, with oodles of hard disk space and RAM.

With the help of Steinberg USA help, I’ve finally gotten this working. Phew!

Sorry that you had problems getting up and running, David. It’s necessary to jump to the web browser to sign in to both Steinberg Download Assistant and Steinberg Activation Manager because that’s both more secure than logging in to a local browser built into those applications, and also allows you to make use of e.g. password management features you might be using so that you don’t have to repeatedly re-type your password into different places. Generally speaking this works well, and it’s a standard mechanism supported by all modern web browsers.

Please note that now you’re using Dorico 4, you no longer require your USB-eLicenser: you can now install and activate Dorico 4 on up to three computers at once for your own use. To install Dorico 4 on another computer, simply download Steinberg Download Assistant on that computer and sign in, then under My product downloads find Dorico Pro 4, and on the right-hand side click Install All. This will download and install everything required.

Once that is done, simply run Dorico 4 from the icon on your desktop or in the Start menu, and sign in once more to Steinberg Activation Manager.

Provided you don’t have licenses for any other Steinberg software on your USB-eLicenser, you can put that away in a drawer somewhere, unless you still want to run Dorico 3.5, in which case it will still be required to run that older version.

Thank you for the explanation, Daniel. I have finally gotten it to work and I plan to really get into Dorico with this version.

Hi Daniel – my problem seemed to stem from the fact that once I got to
the activation screen there was a red box that said “retry” – I kept
clicking that but nothing seemed to happen. However when I quit in
frustration and then tried to start Dorico 4 again, it started right up
and is working well.

I have managed to get it working on my notebook computer as well, with
far fewer frustrations than installing it originally on my desktop.

Now the only problem I have is trying to change output device for older
projects from halion sonic SE to NotePerformer.

Thanks for your help!

To use NotePerformer, open the project in question, then go to Play mode, and from the Play menu choose Playback Template. In the dialog that opens, select NotePerformer from the list of playback templates, then click Apply and Close.

Thank you very much, as always, Daniel!

I am going to start from the very beginning with this version and really
sit down and learn it properly.