Ive lost my sounds

Ok, so I am on vacation and thought I would clean up things, and inadvertently deleted things… now I have no saxophone sounds or GM when I open a new project…I don’t remember downloading anything special… am I going to have to reinstall the entire program?

Could you please give some more information? What version of Dorico you are running? On Mac or Win? Are really all sounds gone or just particular ones? What if you open a new project from piano template, does that sound?
Also, please do from the Dorico Menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks


Dorico Pro 3.5
I Mac
No saxophone, no general Midi are the most obvious ones

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (272 KB)

Thanks for the diagnostics data, but from the audio engine there is only 1 empty log file, although normally the logs of the 10 most recent runs are supposed to be there. Did you press the ‘clear audio engine cache’ button in the preferences dialog?
Anyway, your Dorico installation as such appears to be fine and only sounds are missing. So I recommend that you get the Dorico Sound Installer package again and reinstall, that should bring back the sounds.
Btw, all the sound and preset files get installed under /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content. Did you delete something from there beforehand?