I've never seen this before!

Earlier today, while editing a Cubase Pro 8 project, I found myself looking at Cubase behavior I’ve never seen before.

The project consists of nothing but a couple of dozen voice recordings, AIF files strung together end-to-end. It’s an audiobook project. I’m going through and cleaning out the fluffs and fumbles.

What I suddenly saw was that each audio event had a thin line at the top and bottom, and that when I resized the event, the waveforms were not affected. If I made the event longer, each waveform was then enclosed in a box of thin lines.

The attached screenshot shows the look of the thing.

I pushed the panic button, exited the project without saving it, and loaded the most recent backup. Everything was then back to normal. I only lost a few minutes work.

What sort of mode or tool had I gotten myself into, and how would I have gotten out of it? I do lots of things on the keyboard, and often very quickly, so it’s quite likely that I hit some key combination I didn’t intend and don’t know about.

Any hints would be much appreciated!

Looks like the files were set to a hitpoint/ slice mode… the lines looked as if sliced… but I can be off as I am not behind my DAW currently…

sometimes you see this kinda stuff, when your display card / display drivers get a bit confused or screwy. Unless others see it then its probably not a bug in Cubase. Ive seen all sorts of wierd stuff before…moving boxes leaving trails, ghosting, etc.

i suspect its a display driver or display hardware issue…

This has just gone ‘Events to Part’ hasn’t it…? Either inadvertently, or accidentally, maybe a shortcut was pressed… When he didn’t save, then it all came back as before i.e they were back to ‘Events’… Would be my guess…

Did you glue the tracks together??
i find when i overdub a guitar track to cover up a mistake and then glue to bits together i end up with lines above and below the wave forms and hence iam unable to fade in and out at each end of the track. so i have to unglue the parts

What Puma0382 said, that looks exactly like a part with the events inside it.

Thanks Richard Herbert, for your vote of confidence… :slight_smile:

@Billow - yes, that is what happens when you use the Glue Tool on Events. You turn the glued Events into an Audio Part, that contains the Events. Double-click on this to open the Audio Part editor (not the Sample Editor), where you can do all sorts of editing on the individual events inside the Part.

If you want to merge (glue) things together and keep them as Events, then use Range Selection to cover the whole of the events/length you want to create and then Audio ->Bounce Selection. This will result in one new Event being made (on which you can use those fade handles). You’ll be able to choose to ‘Replace’ the range in your live project, or ‘No’ to just make a new file that appears in the Pool only, that you may want to use for other purposes. This way, it’ll leave your original range selection intact in the project.

The manual is your friend… :wink: Just saying…


ahh ok

yeh i should probably read the manual at some point

Also note that Dissolve Part from the Audio menu will take you back to event level.

Is it possible to have recordings automatically “event to part”? Rather than selecting all events on a track after I’m done recording. I prefer the “event to part”
method of editing, and rather have it a the default editor.