Ive used Nuendo 4, for almost 10 years and just bought Cubase Artist

is there any way I can open my projects inside Cubase?
I have thousands of .npr files…
Or do I have to buy Pro? :confused:

I am willing to save my project as midi if i have to , and open that inside cubase, but I am hoping for a better way

Are you saying your tried and could not?

No i have yet to install cubase. But from reading the official Steinberg chart, Cubase artist cannot open N4 projects, but Pro can. But are you saying Artist can indeed open N4 projects? if so im a happy guy

Well, then there you go. You have an official answer.

The compatibilty chart does say not… but you should probably give it a try just in case.
You could also get a Cubase Pro trial license and convert as many as possible during the trial period.

oh yeah i can get a pro trial :slight_smile: thats awesome, ill do just that thank you