IXO and MAC Silicon issues - DAW/THRU?

Hi there!

I bought IXO12 after having the UR22. I’m not sure if it was that much of an upgrade, haha… My macbook silicon M1 doesn’t recognise the IXO as it should, at least, I think… Usually in my DAW within mac the UR22 popped up as Yamaha Steinberg USB or something like this and then I could open the app within the DAW and change the buffer size 512/2048 , etc.

I downloaded the latest driver, did various clean installs and uninstalls (with reboot everytime) and yes, the IXO is detected but as IXO DAW and IXO THRU. Is it me, that nothing is wrong or do I actually not profit from having a better latency/buffer etc.
I do get sound through if I use DAW with my headphones so technically its’ working…

Please let me know if everything is ok using the “IXO12 DAW” as output and that its normal for not opening the buffer option within the DAW. It just seems off that’s why I wrote you guys here.

Hopefully anyone knows,