Izotope Alloy bypass issue

  1. Create a project. Create an audio track
  2. Insert Izotope Alloy 2 on the track
  3. Open up the automation track for Alloy 2 - Global bypass
  4. Create bypass events on the track. Make sure that the plugin is bypassed at the start of the project
  5. Close project and re-open it
  6. Play back. When bypass switches on in the automation track, Alloy is still bypassed “internally”

Win7, Cubase 8.0.20

Clicking on the bypass button fixes the stuck bypass state (either the Cubase button or the Alloy one). A workaround is to NOT have Alloy 2 bypassed at the starting point of the project.

I will report this to Izotope as well in case they are responsible. I tried the same thing with Ozone but it doesn’t have the same behaviour.

A little update to this: seems like it doesn’t actually matter if the plugin is muted at the beginning of the project or not, like I thought at first. I’m loading it un-bypassed in the beginning and it still bypassed internally.


maybe it’s the same problem:


Are you using Alloy VST 3?
Try the VST 2 version.