iZotope Master Rebalance Warning/Bug

For those who use the Master Rebalance plugin that comes with Ozone 9, I found a serious bug that happens when this plugin is rendered.

iZotope sadly only supports up to WaveLab 9 and Ozone 9 hasn’t been updated in OVER A YEAR so if you use Ozone 9 in WaveLab 10 or 11, I highly suggest messaging Ozone to ask them to update this plugin, and support the latest version of WaveLab.

But more importantly, ask them to fix this bug:

You can see in this basic test render scenario, the processing doesn’t kick in until about 1/3 of the way through the render.

So, if you use this plugin in WaveLab, be aware that it is likely not rendering correctly and iZotope needs to fix it ASAP if they are still in the business of updating their plugins. It’s hard to tell with the last maintenance update to Ozone 9 being over 1 year ago.

Hi Justin!

Have you found/ experienced any issues with the other Ozone 9 plugins?
Or maybe you don’t use them that much?


I’ve done some spot checking with other Ozone 9 modules as well as the “new” Low End Focus and so far, it’s just isolated to Master Rebalance in Ozone 9 (standard and advanced).

Ok, thanks!

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open when I use them.


Also, if you use WaveLab 10 or 11, I would write them and ask if they ever plan to support anything beyond WaveLab 9 which is very old now.

One of the many reasons why I stopped using their software … along with those of Plugin Alliance.
My 2 cents.
Thank you