iZotope Nectar automation not rendered on Audio Mixdown

I am using iZotope Nectar Production Suite 2.04 in Cubase 9.0.30.

I automated the gain in the compressor section. During realtime playback, Cubase reads the automation with no problems.

If I export the audio via Audio Mixdown, other DAW and plugins’ automation is applied, but Cubase only uses the last written value for the Nectar compressor gain and leaves the gain at that setting throughout the entire rendered output.

If I change the Audio Mixdown options to select realtime export, then the automation is applied correctly.

I’ve never had this happen before on any Audio Mixdown using any plugins - that I’m aware of! - but it’s extremely concerning to me because if it’s happening here, how many other glitches like this am I not catching?

Has anyone else seen this (or similar) behavior on Audio Mixdown - specific automation not being applied correctly?

Just in case anyone has Cubase 9 and Nectar 2.04 and wanted to test:

Sample Cubase project: https://ufile.io/yfuer
Sample mixdown: https://ufile.io/35iqp

In order to rule out the permutative complexity of considering other issues, I’ve provided as simple a case as possible in the sample Cubase project: One audio file on one audio track, with only one plugin: An instance of iZotope Nectar. I’ve got the compressor gain automated, as you can see in the project.

If I perform realtime playback in Cubase, I hear the compressor gain automation. And if I export a mixdown using realtime playback, I hear the automation. But if I do a non-realtime mixdown (as in the sample mixdown .wav), you can hear that there is no compressor gain automation.

Would appreciate if someone else could confirm/deny this behavior on their machine. I’ve got a case open with iZotope but would like to gain as much data as possible.

OK, test case on another machine: Used the same audio file, launched a new default Cubase project, and automated the compressor gain. Here’s the project:

The automation works correctly in this project.

Both machines used a default Cubase empty project as the starting point, not doing anything else but adding a track, adding Nectar to it, and automating the comp gain. But the old project (posted above) has automation that doesn’t work on non-realtime mixdown, while the new project (linked in this post) has automation that does work.

If I create brand-new projects from default Cubase empty projects on those machines, the difference remains: One works, one doesn’t.

Any ideas on why the second machine’s project’s automation works on non-realtime mixdown but the first machine’s does not? Seems really strange.

I have this issue as well using izotope nectar in cubase 9.5.10.

I confirm the latest report re: Cubase 9.5.10.

In my version of cubase 8.5 the nectar 3 does not render anything.

Even while nectar and neutron are on during the mix when I’m trying to export to a file they are not present on the mix.

Neutron does work without Nectar.

When I’m trying to use Nectar 3 on my project when I close and reopen the project Cubase crashes.

To fix it I need to turn of the nectar from vst plugin manager.

I’m on Windows 10.

Cubase 10 and Nectar 2.4 …

I can confirm automation not working on rendering

However, the automation does work on normal playback.

What the h*** is going on?

I just don’t understand why these things aren’t tested properly.

Late to the party but yes, I just ran into the same issue on Cubase 10 Pro. I wonder if anyone has found a solution/decent explanation…

Try using hte VST3 Plugins. They are somewhat hidden in de Plugin list. The VST3 of Nectar shows up in the “Vocals” folder (click on the + sign). The VST3 of Neutron is in the “EQ” Folder.