Izotope Ozone bypass not working

Hi, I’m having a problem with the Izotope Ozone 7 that I use on the master channel. From time to time, I not from any logic I can see, the bypass function on this pluf in Nuendo doesn’t work. I mean, it turns on or off but the signal isn’t bypassed. :smiley: I can have to different projects with the exact same setup and one will work fine and the other not.

Anyone else seen this issue?

Think I must hold the forum record for finding bugs no one else have… :smiley:

I’m starting to think that this might be an issue with iZotope plugins. I had some pretty bad issues with Neutron 3 in one of my recent projects and I’ll look into to it further, but I think it has to do with automation of bypass as well as parameters of that plugin.

In my case it also meant that updating settings took some time. So question for you is if you actually get the correct bypass status if you wait a bit…(?)

If you’re having more than only Izotope Ozone in your channels’ plugin-chain, try if it works properly when you move Izotope Ozone to the first plugin-slot in your channel? Or try it without the other plugins in the chain?
I’m recommending this because I had issues with Izotope’s Relay, which turned out it has to sit in the first plugin-slot in the chain to be functional…

I hope you’re able to solve it.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Said it many times before, but the Izotope plugins are a remedy for disaster.
There are many issues with their Vst3 implementation, hence why we all have these problems with RX Connect.
If you have Izotope plugins in your session, then there is a great chance that they will load in “bypass” state when re-loading the project.
It is all documented and reported to Izotope, but apparently they don’t …


“recipe”, not “remedy”… :slight_smile:

I will try to remember.


Yes, I’ve had issues before too. Exported an audio file and the beginning lined up fine, but the middle part started a half second later for some reason. I just moved it to where it should have been and moved on as it wasn’t critical. Amazing plugins, but left me wondering about them. :confused:

If only they were :wink:

Hi guys, thanks for your replies.

The most annoying bit is that it’s so inconsistent, but it does stay with the project if it first occours. :smiley: My solution so far is just moving the plug to an unused channel whenever I’m exporting at different levels…