Izotope Ozone PLugins Cause Crashdump

Cubase Blacklisted my Ozone 9 advanced Plugins. Only installed vst 3.

But If I delete the dll files(which it says are vst2 and blacklisted but were installed in the vst3 folder during installation) in the common files folder and leave the vst3 there I get a crashdump error in Cubase Artist 10.5. if I try to load as insert of Ozone 9.

Put the dlls back into the vst3 folder and all is good again.

I hate having blacklisted plugins but If I have to live with it well so be it.
Can someone explain this to me.

Cheers and thanks.

This happened to me in Ozone 7, but I’m on Mac.

I had both VST2 and VST 3 versions of the plug ins. I removed the VST2 versions and all has been good since.

Yeh I found out what happened. Edited the post as well. I dont get it.

Can you post a picture of the Blacklist please?

If the blacklisted files are named iZname.dll (and not iZotopename.dll), these are not VST files, but libraries the plugins use.
If you remove them, oZone won’t work properly as it needs to access those files - if you try to reactivate them, Cubase will crash, as they are not plugins.

Kind regards,

Cheers Fabio. Yes they do start with iZ. Thanks for explaining this. It is a shame they cant be stored somewhere else instead of in the cubase folder.
Thanks again

Absolutely agree, that kind of files would be better saved in Program Files, ProgramData , etc. :slight_smile: