iZotope plugins acting up in C10 Pro..

Is anybody else have this problem? it just started today as far as I know, but… The GUI for whatever iZotope plugin I insert on a track is ‘doubled’, one offset slightly but over the top of the same plugin and the text is garbled in the GUI, and the various Presets are not loading properly if at all… And it doesn’t matter what iZotope plugin I open, same thing happens. These are all the latest versions as in my Steinberg elicenser.

Oddly enough the standalone versions of Ozone 9 and RX7 work fine on my desktop and WL10 is fine with iZotope plugins, too. Anybody else running into this? My Waves, SIR3, and Transatlantic Verb are all behaving normally.

I created a ticket with iZotope and waiting to hear back but I thought I would check with other users. I’m running 10.0.50.


Do you use HiDPI screen?

No. And I assume there is nothing within my Preferences that would adjust for this, that the HiDPi is instead determined by your monitor card and setup?

Latest Divers for AMD graphics card, too, 26.20.15011.5007 released yesterday, 1/9/2020. iZotope did get back to me and suggested the graphics card update. They said to do this and report back, so I have.

I hate this kinda stuff. How is it that WaveLab10 has no problem with iZotope and Cubase 10 does? Is there a setting in C10 that I am missing…?

Martin, I know you are Mac but I appreciate you signing in here. I’m surprised that there aren’t any iZotope users checking in………

I use a iZotope a lot and never had UI issues with them. I’m using full HD screens with 100% zooming at the built-in Intel GPU, but I’m on Windows 1903. I will update to 1909 today and let you know.


Because the applications don’t share the same drawing engine.

The only one I can imagine is to experiment HiDPI settings.

Win 1909 -> no issues

Wow, it’s just me then. Hm. iZotope suggests I uninstall and then reinstall the six programs that are giving me a problem. These are: Ozone 9, RX7, and Neutron 3 Advanced, Nectar 3, Ozone Imager 2, and Tonal Balance Control 2. Oddly enough, Alloy 2, DDLY, Trash 2 and Vinyl work as they should. All are VST 3 plugins.

Thanks for the info and help, Martin and MarcoE!

OK, I took a look at my Display settings in Win10 and considered that I had changed the scale and layout to 113% vs. 100% (a Win10 option)… SO I removed the setting and changed it back to 100%. Now everything is looking like it should in regards to the iZotope GUIs. Problem solved I suppose. However I’m not impressed with Cubase and it’s drawing engine at this point having seen that WaveLab did not have a problem delivering a proper iZotope GUI. It REALLY surprises me to see two seemingly symbiotic companies that do not/will not share components as mundane as a drawing engine.

All this aside, thank you Martin and MarcoE!

your welcome! yes, Cubase has an issue when the scaling is not set 100%. I guess this is known and hopefully fixed in the near future.

Oh, actually Win10 has sett things to 125% and all is working well, so the problem was my custom size of 113% I guess. Strange. And actually 125% is a bit large (27 X 19 Dell monitors) so it would be great if Cubase could sort things as WaveLab has.