Izotope plugins all Blacklisted

All of my 64-bit Izotope RX5 plugins and their DDLY plugin have been blacklisted.

Why would this be?

Is there a solution?

Go to the plugin manager > Blacklist and reactivate them, although I don’t recommend that.

In my case only the VST 2 plugins got blacklisted, the 2.4 and 3.0.2 versions are all activated.

this is an issue ,all my izotope plugins vst 3/2 have been blacklisted ,but shows up in the effects plugin tab as activated? they go offline in the inserts tabs and can’t open them to close them!

This is happening to me too. I also can’t get my SSL Duende 64 bit plugins to load. Neither the Izotope nor the SSL plugins are blacklisted.
The show in the drop down plugin list. When I try to add one nothing happens. No plugin gets loaded.
If I do the same in N7 they all work.

Fredo? Timo? Anyone?

This is a serious drag on my workflow.


I have the same problem. They are blacklisted and I can’t reactivate them.

Thing is, mine are nor blacklisted and i still can’t get them to load into an insert slot. They show up in my list of plugins but when i select one nothing happens.

Same here, although all the vst3 instances seem to load ok.

Keep in mind that the vst3 version of the plugins registers under a different plugin name, so I didn´t see them at first.
The vst 2.x versions are completely redundant.

Any news on this issue?

All my izotope plugins are blacklisted in nuendo 8

Vst3 plugins seems to be there but nothing loads when I select any of the izotope plugins.

Same happens with audioease plugins.

Thanks a lot.

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Only the 32bit plugins are blacklisted, the 64bit work just fine.
Check if everything is installed in the correct folders.


All VTS2 64 bit Izotope plugin are blaclisted. In Cubase 9.5 too.
Only VST3 versions work.

All vst2 izotope plugins are blacklisted in nuendo 8 here (64 bits included). Everything are correctly installed in correct folders.

Vst3 not loading. Can see them in drop-down plugins menu but nothing loads when selected. Same with audioease plugins.

Thanks a lot.


Any ideas on how to solve this problem,

Thanks a lot.


There is a kinda “solution” for this. The following costs a little but its solves a lot for me. Mind that I am on a MAC (but it will work in most PC’s as well) and that I have VST, VST3 and AU versions of plug-ins and instruments installed. If one of them do not work, the other will, at least for those tested.

You need to spend EUR 99 on Blue Cats patchwork. That thing solved lot for me. I had a bunch of instruments and plugs that did not work after upgrading to Cubase 9 (and even some trouble in Cubase 8.5). Patchwork acts as a wrapper and can host a lot of software that Cubase cannot.

So far I have tested the following that does not work in Cubase 9 on my computer:
Addictive Drums - XLN
Chroma Key - Audiothing
Anuna - Crysonic
Sindo - Cysonic
Izotope Ozone 5 & 6
Izotope Nectar 2
Izotope Alloy 2
Ultra Channel - Eventide
Tokyo DAwn - Feedback Compressor
Tone Boosters _ Many mix and master plug-ins
Cable Guys . Shaperbox bundle

It also handles my old Lexicon MX 200 software for the external hardware unit.

The same thing lets you load all VST in Logic if that is desired and the other way around. Nowadays most of instruments and plugs are both platforms so I do not seed the real value of it for that reason, but as mentioned when one platform is not working the other will. PC users will not have that option but at least be able to try out VST or VST3. Patchwork also comes with it’s own bunch of FX units and a lot of presets. You may put units in parallel or serial.

You can also buy Patchwork bundled with 32 bit lives that will turn most 32 bit plugs into a 64 bit interface. This lets you use most Powercore plugs and instruments up to Sierra OS!

I do not own Patchwrok myself but I have downloaded the demo and done my testing there. I will for sure buy it as soon as money hits my account!

I am in no way affiliated with Blue Cat nor do I have any advantages from “marketing” patchwork. I have faced thaw same problem as the OP’s.

Hi Rumdrum,

Thanks for the help , but thinking about a solution whithin nuendo not using another soft.

Thanks a lot.