Izotope RX 8 Elements

I am running Cubase 10 on an iMac 10.13.6 with all RAM slots in use 16G i5 w/intel. I just started using IZotope RX 8 Elements (de-click feature) and am having some very bad latency problems. I tried cleaning up an audio bass guitar track via the “plug-in” in the “inspector” and although it worked wonders I am unable to edit the rest of my project in detail due to the latency of the “play” button in Cubase. It lags about 2 seconds…so then I decided to use the “direct offline processing” aspect of the RX 8 Elements software from the drop-down menu in Cubases “Audio”>“plug-ins” feature and I have been waiting for over 4 hours for a 3 minute song. There are 10 tracks that have 3-6 passes on each track. Is this normal? Do I have to wait till the RX 8 Elements software stops “clicks repaired” its finally stopped at over 47000, and I left everything at its standard settings for “multi-band random clicks”. Is there a quicker way?

I’ve used different declickers, and the one in RX was always the slowest. The fastest one I use now is Waves X-Click. Just letting you know not to expect speedy results with the RX declicker.

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Oh okay, so it’s just slow…play better…got it :upside_down_face: I suppose de-clicking before introducing multiple tracks is in order…or is there something else to help speed this process up?

Well, I quit using RX altogether. That was my way of shortening processing time.

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