Izotope RX Loses Noise Profile

I’ve seen this a few times now…

When moving a project to another system, the izotope denoise inserts lose their noise profiles. And there’ no warning of this. You only know if you open the plug-in (and because it sounds wrong!).

Any thoughts?


Are you using it as a plug?

I usually just export processed audio files back into the audio files folder with an added bit to the name, like “denoised”. Once placed in the project instead of the original, it stays where it should.

Hope this helps!

Yes, I’m using it as a channel insert.
Your method is more secure, for sure! But I do like the flexibility of keeping it in the channel and not stamping it to clips (though obviously offline process history does make revisions and application of the same process to new clips reasonably easy). Strange thing is, I only get this problem once in a while. I’ll email Izotope about this and report back.

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