Izotope RX10 music rebalance Plug in not appearing

I know this question should be aimed at Izotope rather than Steinberg but there does not seem to be an official forum for them. I have Cubase 13 pro along with the latest version of Izotope RX10. Most of the Izotope RX apps are available within Cubase except the main one that I would normally use “Music rebalance”. When I look in the VST manager its not listed either as a working VST or as blacklisted. I was previously able to use the app with the stand alone RX app but Izotope decided to do away with that! Has anyone found a way around this?


Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version?

Is it a plug-in, or an ARA component?

Windows 11. Not sure whether it should be ARA, vst or both. Many of the other Izotope plug ins seem to be both vst and ARA. I just noticed that in some of their “support” they don’t mention cubase with regard to ARA but then the same page they are referencing a very old version of RX so probably way out of date. In fact it looks like they are having major software problems with authentication etc at the moment so perhaps I should give it a few days and try later

Your subject line indicates you’re looking for an RX 10 Music Rebalance plugin, but, other than for Pro Tools AudioSuite and ARA (in Logic only), the Music Rebalance, where, according to their website (https://www.izotope.com/en/products/rx/features/music-rebalance.html), the Standard and Advanced versions of RX 10 do include Music Rebalance as a plugin, iZotope’s Music Rebalance plugin is part of Ozone 10 Advanced, not RX 10 Advanced:


I can confirm that the Ozone 10 Music Rebalance plugin, which is part of Ozone 10 Advanced, is available and working in Cubase Pro 13.0.10 on my Windows 10 system.

BTW, on the ARA question, ARA support for RX 10 is still only available for Logic. Also, RX 10 still is available as a standalone editor. It is Ozone 10 that is not.

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Many thanks for the concise answer. I assumed that as Ozone was now purely a plug then RX was the same. I was confused because RX wasn’t installing properly and so I assumed it was no longer standalone

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I’m on here because I ran into this issue as well. It seems that we have to use it as a. standalone via the rx connect plugin make the changes and send them back to Cubase.