Izotope RX6 & batch processing

Having a tough time trying to run RX6 Spectral DeNoise at the highest quality level on 1000+ wav files. Things start OK, but CPU usage creeps upward until it’s pinned at 100%, and I get scattered errors along the way. Once the CPU is pinned, even if I hit pause, the CPU usage doesn’t decrease. Windows resource monitor shows spikes of 100% CPU alternating with very low usage.

I’m running Windows 7 with an 8 core i7 CPU and 12 gigs of memory. Not the most up-to-date machine, but it ought to be OK. I have Wavelab’s processor usage set to 3 tasks, while on Wavelab 7, I could have it set to “all cores but one”.

I’ve got the Spectral DeNoise plugin set to highest quality, and will try it at the next step down, but I don’t remember having to do this in Wavelab 7 where I ran noise reduction with no issues.

Is this an Izoptope thing with Wavelab 9/5? I see issues with other Ozone plugins mentioned.

OK, might have jumped the gun a bit on this one. Did a couple of things (rebooted, completely disabled Eset, no longer overwriting output files) any of which may or may not have helped the issue.

In any case, the machine is humming along nicely with an overall CPU usage of 50% and zero errors with Izotope 6 DeHum and Spectral DeNoise set at highest quality, with 4 tasks set on the WL processor option.

And I do have to say I really like the Wavelab 9 batch processing setup, especially the analysis options, which are perfect for what I’m doing! Been a fan of Wavelab since '97 & PG’s continuity with the product for all these years has doubtless been a factor in its continued excellence. Thanks, PG!

No problems at all here with the RX plugins (RX6, and now RX7) but I have excluded all audio file types from AV scanning, as well as the WaveLab process itself, and both optical drives for CD work.