Izotope RX6 Connect transfers only 21ms of audio

Same thing with Izotope RX5. No matter how long take I try to transfer, only 21ms of audo ends up in Izotope RX.
UPDATE-- When Auto apply checkbox is checked then it transfers all data.

I experience the exact same behaviour with RX 5. When Auto appla is checked it transfers the datat, when I send it back to Cubase I have to uncheck Auto apply and hit apply manually and it works as supposed.

With RX 7 I don’t get it to work right though. RX 7 transfers the data correctly even with Auto apply unchecked, but when I send the processed Files back from RX to Cubase and hit apply RX pops up again (becomes the acitve app) and all changes I’ve done in RX before are gone (it’s the original file I sent from Cubase). In Cubase nothing has changed on the file itself.