iZotope sales privacy

How odd. I tried to buy an iZotope product last week. All went well. The iZotope website accepted my payment with its related private information relating to my credit card. But it also asked for a phone number.

Obviously, I don’t give out my personal phone number to marketing departments in the same way as I don’t give it out when I go shopping at the supermarket. They refused to supply the unlock code until I provided a ‘real’ phone number. So, I cancelled the order and got my money back.

As I say, how odd! They have all the details they need via my payment method. I’m certainly not giving out a private telephone number to a sales marketing company!

Be aware.

Hi wodehouse

I use Ozone 3 & 4, which I purchased from their Website. Great plug-in, I dont think I could live without it.

I am just writing this, to say that in the 3 or 4 years I have owned Ozone, I have never been contacted by
telephone, I just receive emails about updates.

I needed support in the early days, and they responded very profesionally.

I get the impression of them being a very respected company.

Don’t loose out


Hi, thanks for that. Maybe it’s a new thing then. But, they stated via email they would not proceed with the order unless I provided a telephone number they could ring me on to confirm the order.

So, obviously I asked for my money back. In fairness to them, they gave me my money back almost immediately. Clearly, the revenue from software sales is negligible. It’s personal information that is more valuable to them. What is the world coming to?

There have been certain cases when I had to supply a phone number (Sweetwater and B&H Photo) to complete an order. But I was using a check card that they had to validate because of the large amount of money. I’ve had the same issue for a couple of non-music sites as well. From all the sites where I’ve had to give my phone #, only Sweetwater was a little agressive about it. I’ll get calls about once a month asking if “everythings ok”, and they’re here if I need them.

That’s why I don’t normally buy from Sweetwater. B&H Photo has a great selection, great prices and support and you never hear from them unless you want to.


Sometimes with a credit card they need the phone number and address that is registered to the card. It is probably not a policy of Izotope but of the credit card.

I suppose that’s possible but I use the same CC/Paypal method of payment for a wide range of products varying from music software to website software. I’ve never been refused a sale before for not supplying a telephone number with any company except iZotope.

I installed the trial last night and it seems good software but I’m not giving out personal information just to make a marketing department happy. So, 9 days to go before it expires. I’ll look around for other software.

I would rather give out my phone number than to deal with the crooks at paypal.


I am sure they are only asking for your phone number to verify that your information matches the information with the credit card company. I have had a credit card declined because of that. I have purchased several items from Izotope, and never had any issues.

I am sure they are not. I suppose, like you, we’ll never really know for sure.

It is ‘common’ for a (valid) phone number to be required for an online credit/debit card purchase. I’ve been buying stuff online for years and have not received any marketing calls. The phone number would be required by the bank for authorization, not because iZotope had anything to do with it. I’m sure if iZotope abused this… it would be common knowledge on every audio forum on the interwebs.

Unlike bluzkat, I’ve never been asked for a phone number before for many products bought over the internet. However, when I do purchase this way, I am subsequently asked to authorize the transaction with an online process that goes to my bank and I have to enter my password. This is entirely fair, in my opinion, and prevents fraud.

Has anyone here bought an iZotope product from a music shop with ‘money’? Remember it? If so, when it comes to authorizing the program with your iLOK are you asked for a phone number?

If so, it makes no sense because nothing needs to be checked! You bought it with cash so no further personal information (such as a phone number) is required.

I ask this because I actually like the iZotope product and want to buy it (and indeed got as far as having money taken from my account until I realised they wanted irrelevant personal information). However, I won’t buy it from a music shop if I still have to provide irrelevant personal information to make it work.

Anyone here in this postion where you’ve bought it with cash?

I’m guessing they don’t sell though shops then.

Boxed iZotope products are available in Europe in shops
ie: Thomann


Thank you sir - I’ll check them out now and see if they know if the boxed version insists on private information at registration point.