J Bridge - Sampletron

I really need to use IK’s sampletron vsti on Artist 64 bit.

I can do this by using J bridge right? So far I haven’t had any luck. I’m running Windows 10 pro. Could someone kindly post a foolproof step by step method here for doing so.

The standalone version works fine, however when i load up the plug in cubases it crashes. I could always route the audio from windows straight to an audio input on my interface as a last resort. I’ve done this before when recording radio. Can’t quite remember how haha recap…?

Many thanks

Hi. It seems that Sample tank freeis able to import a number of different libraries. This might help?


Or try JBridge contact under the Buy logo:


You are a legend! didn’t know about the free sampletank thing.


I’m running all the old libraries in sample tank 3 free. Seems to mostly work fine though just a couple of presets seem to have got messed up on import