JABB playback template progress and questions

So far, this is what I’ve done:

  1. Created 4 projects: JABBTrumpets, JABBTrombones, JABBSaxes, and JABBRhythm.
  2. Created 2 expression maps: trumpets and trombones. Each supports mutes and release effects. Exported each map.
  3. Exported all of these endpoints.
  4. Created a new playback template that specifies these four endpoints and then defaults to HSSE+HSO Pro. JABBRhythm omits drums as I think that will need an endpoint of its own, so currently Halion provides the drum set.
  5. Create a new score using the Big Band template.
  6. Change guitar and bass to instruments supported by JABBRhythm
  7. Apply my new playback template.

This playback template is basically working in the attached project. Mute changes work. I can turn on/off doits and falls if I define a Playback Playing Technique.

Specific questions:

  1. My mixer is not obeying the Number of MIDI channels setting in my Endpoints. I see the full 16 channels per Aria instance.
  2. In order to support JABB brass release effects, I need to define Playback Playing Techniques for them, as the glyphs don’t yet support playback by default. How do I make these part of my JABB playback template?
  3. I have yet to seriously look at staccato, tenuto, marcato support. I am using the Default expression map until I have some instrument feature that needs something. I know Dorico is aware of these markings and makes duration adjustments, but I am wondering if I will need to/want to reach under the hood for these as well.
    JabbPlaybackTemplateTest.zip (510 KB)

#2. Can you make some custom text or mark to hide in the score to activate the playing techniques you have written that Dorico has not yet wired into the appropriate symbols?

This is part of defining a Playback Playing Technique, and it works. However it doesn’t get exported as part of the expression map or endpoint so it is not clear to me how it gets included with a Playback Template for use in the future.

  1. The Dorico mixer shows audio channels rather than MIDI channels (aside from the extra MIDI channel faders that are hidden by default). There is an option in the endpoint setup dialog to limit the number of audio mixer channels to show
  2. If you have a new Playback Playing Technique that is referenced from an expression map, then the playing technique is saved into an Endpoint Configuration, which gets imported into a project when you combine it into a Playback Template.
  3. As I recall, I don’t think JABB has any specific support for these articulations, so you won’t need to add them to the expression map. The default playback effects should still work (shorten length, increase dynamic)