Jack type for Line output on UR22

A very basic question I know but do I need mono or stereo jacks to connect my UR22 line outputs to an amplifier please?

I would imagine that the 2R and 1L sockets on the back of the device are each mono and I will need one jack per channel for the audio but just want to make sure in case I use the wrong type of plug and screw the device up.

Thanks for your help,


2 analog TRS line outputs (TRS= Tip, Ring, Sleeve)

2R is the Right hand signal output
1L is the Left hand singmal output

They are TRS connectors (thats a stereo 1/4 plug) for whats called balanced signals
You can use either type i.e a two connector jack to unbalance the signal, or a three connector plug for balanced signal depending on what you are connecting them to.
You will need to use both sockets for stereo, you are very unlikely to damage anything.

Thanks for the clarification Split. I am very grateful to you.