Jam Origin MIDI Guitar2 how to make it work?

Anyone buy the MIDI Guitar 2 by Jam Origin and get it to work in Cubase 10?

Would love to hear how you made it work! I’d watch your video too! Nothing on youtube

I have used on 9.5.
It should be the same I guess.
I am going from memory and it has been a while.

Create a mono Audio track.
Make sure your guitar is the going to the audio input of this track.

Press the monitor button on that track. This is important.
It is the little speaker button.

Put the midi guitar plugin on the audio insert of this track.
Pull the fader down as you probably don’t want to hear the guitar itself.

Now create an instrument or a midi track with a synth of your choice on it.
Now in the input section of this new track where it will probably say “ALL MIDI IN” pull down the drop down menu and select the midi guitar plugin as the input.

Should be good to go.
You may have to adjust your buffer size to get good results.
I think the software recommends 512 samples.

Good luck!