Hi,welcome back, ere`s one i made on steinberg sx3 a few years ago and recently tried to mix it again on steinberg 6.5,thanks for listening.

Luv it…really funky sound…to use an old fashioned term…would’ve prefered the guitar break at 1.25 to last a lot longer…sounded great…is this a new seperate music forum or what? just noticed it…Kevin

The thing that always make me immediately get into most of your stuff is the funky grooves. Love those basslines man. I didn’t really like the grunts that can be heard now and then. That’s about my only real criticism. The thing I’m usually very critical on is peoples attempts at guitar solos given that lead is what I spent several hours a day practicing in my earlier years. :stuck_out_tongue: Enjoyed the lead work in this song a lot. Had me absently tapping my finger at one point too. Good stuff.

Hi Kevin, hope you’re doing well. Yeah, it would seem that they realized just how retarded removing this section of the forum was.

wow…so pleased…and nice to see you back…Kevin

hi chaps ,yes its good to have our little playground back, lol .i wonder why they changed the name.... weirdos.
thanks for the positive comments .
i didn`t know you played guitar jonathan ,you kept that one under your hat.

not only insulting fellow users but insulting Steinberg as well , has you misses left you ??? no well maybe he should . :wink:

I also came on here to listen the the song posted but it seems to have been removed by the abuser so he can stay anonymous. :unamused:
Shame really after fighting so bravely to return your play ground :unamused:

What’s happened here…have they really taken your song down because you called them weirdo’s? or am I missing something…(i usually do)…Kevin

What? I do want to hear this.

Me too. I recall some of your other stuff, was really good

Dunno if you saw the post’s, maybe they’ve taken them down but for some strange reason firestamper got extremely offensive in the use of his language…I too am sorry to see him go but we gotta have some lines in the sand or this forum would be one big flame war…Kevin

I won’t interfere with Steinberg intervention by relinking, but his Soundcloud username is Fluff Fortune, and the track is still up.

Hey thanks, Bane. I found it, and am enjoying it now. I guess there are posts I missed that got deleted. Anyway I love Firestamper’s stuff! This one is no exception. Hail to James Brown.