Jamstix 4, anyone?

Anybody grooving to the JStix 4?

I used to use version 3, but kind of migrated to EZDrummer 2 over time. I loved the concept of the “intelligent drummer” in JS3, but there seemed to be sooo many steps needed that i guess i never committed them to muscle memory …


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Why? Paranoid much?

Have you ever done anything without someone else telling you it was okay first?

Sorry, I’ll stop. I was certainly enjoying your long absence from the forums, though.

Okay, for real … I’ll stop now.


@Scab_Pickens , for whatever my contribution to your anger and unhappiness is, I am truly sorry. It was truly unintentional.

JS4 is way better than version 3. It is true that it needs a learning curve, but it pays itself. And from JS you can trigger sounds of EZDrummer, if you want. You get the great brain from JS, great sounds from EZD.

Thanks, @Knopf !

Learning curve about the same between the two?

What do you like better?

Appreciate your time and effort!

Hello Alexis, I don’t own EZD, so I can’t tell about difficulty of it. But I wouldn’t compare them, by the way, as the concept is different: JS has brain, EZD (or similar) don’t. But JS complement itself greatly with good sound libraries, as the sounds in JS are not the greatest in the market. But its brain is what makes the difference and it has a part in style brain and a part in drummer brain. You can even (if you want) recycle a static midi groove you already have and let JS play it as basis, giving it the flavor some style and/or some drummer would have.

Thanks, @Knopf !

I was imprecise, sorry. I meant to ask if you’d also used JS3, comparison with JS4.

Take it easy! :blush:

Ah! Understand, ok. I would say it is the same, regarding learning. I like better JS4, as it has some improvements and it is kind of modernized (although it is true that some of the critic to the software deals with a not so pretty visual design). I must confess that, although I have it since a lot of years, I still didn’t master it. It is not software’s fault, but mine, because of too much time invested in other musical things (instrument practice and improving mixing skills).

To a similar degree, exactly the same reason I never mastered JS3! :smile: