Jamstix 4

Has anyone out there had problems with this program
I downloaded and installed in the right place for a 64 bit version.
After using Jamstix for a while it just disappears and i am back to the desktop as Cubase has disappeared with it.
Once i put a selected track on track 1 of cubase ,dragging accross to position and once just stopping and starting.
Poof in an instant, cubase gone.
This is the only program that that has upset Cubase.
Othewise cubase is flawless for me.
Is it a bug in Jamstix?

I would appreciate any thoughts on this .
I have just joined the jamstix forum to get this sorted, but waiting approval.

All the best
john :smiley:

I use Jamstix quite alot and have never had a poof crash like you described. Have you reported anything to Rayzoon (Jamstix) support? He is super responsive and he should either help you figure it out or, if it’s a bug, they will fix very quickly.

Hi you,

I can only step in and repeat what jaslan wrote: Dont hesitate to contact Rayzoon. Ralph is the most supportive guy on this planet. Whenever I had a question or problem the answer was fast (within hours) and always helpful. I am wondering how he is accomplishing this - it is outstanding (could be a role model for support also for Steinberg. It CAN be done :slight_smile:).

All the best.


Hi jaslan and Elien

I reinstalled Jamstix 4 again today and it went a while this time before disappearing again.
I sent the logs in and hopefully get this sorted.
It is funny that additive drums and all other vst’s work flawlessly as computers go. I have a fast computer i7 with 32 gig ram so ok in that department.
I do find that when you load a song and do that a few times by dragging different ones in,the load times get slower each time.
I will wait to hear from Rayzoon now.
Once sorted i can make a system Image of my drive.

Support from Razoon just come back--------------------

There are some known issues with drag/drop from JS4 to the DAW on some
systems, causing crashes.
The work-around is to use the ‘Save As MIDI File’ option in the MIDI export
dialog instead of dragging. You can then drag the saved file to the DAW.

I will test this out and probably have to wait until there is a bug fix.

All the Best

That would explain why I have never had that crash. I Never drag and drop from or to Jamstix.
Hopefully they will figure it out and fix it soon but I am sure they are working on it diligently.

Hi Jaslan

It is the box that says drag from here or save .
It should work and if it is known then i should think that it is a bug and will be sorted soon .
Up to now saving and then dragging in from where you save it is working up to now
I did notice every time that you drag a song in from Jamstix it gets slower loading each time until it makes up it’s mind to disappear with Cubase.
So hopefully Rayzoon are on the case.

All the Best