Jazz Articulation Scoop Glyph Location?

I’m trying to find the location of the jazz articulation glyph for the “Scoop”

Does anyone know where it is?

I’m using the music font “Beethoven” in this project, and I would need to add scoop glyph manually in the Music symbol Editor.

I’ve been looking for it everywhere, including this web page:


So far with no luck!

Check here? https://www.smufl.org/version/latest/range/brassTechniques/

I don’t think that jazz articulations are presently available in the Beethoven font. You can view the available symbols here:

Edit: Perhaps there is a way to use the Bravura symbols as text.

Right, I think the OP is using the Music Symbols editor to supplement the missing glyphs.

Great, thank you so much Dan!!

Wind instruments can scoop too, but it seems Dorico thinks it’s exclusive for the Brass! :smiley:

Exactly, I have to find manually every symbol that the Beethoven font doesn’t have. I wish there were a way to back up automatically to Bravura symbols. Or at least search somehow with a word - I can see that the word “scoop” is on the Brass Techniques -page but it didn’t pop up in any of my searches on the SMuFL -site.