Jazz articulations: turn (or flip) between two notes

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I’m looking for a way to add a turn or flip between two notes in a jazz chart. In the new jazz articulations panel I only see a turn that can be added to a single note.

Something like this:

How do I do that?

I recommend creating a custom playing technique. https://youtu.be/k3p-hXO8wb4

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Thanks, I’ll give this a try. I was just surprised that this is not built in, considering how thoroughly Dorico covers everything else it does.

You should be able to create the existing flip at a position between two notes by positioning the caret there, then typing Shift+O and entering “flip” into the popover.

I feel very much like a beginner here, but I can’t get this to work. In fact I can’t seem to add any ornaments to already existing notes while the caret is showing. The only way in this mode seems to be to enter an ornament and then enter a new note; the ornament will then apply to the new note. Could somebody please be patient enough to explain what I’m missing?

(While we’re here, btw: I wish the Shift-O popover had auto-completion similar to what shows up in the Shift-T popover.)

Daniel’s suggestion doesn’'t work exactly as he said for me either, but this does work:

  • make sure nothing is selected
  • put the cursor where you want the flip to be
  • press U to split the previous note (U stands for “untie” but it’s more general than that name might suggest)
  • Select the split note, type shift O and “flip”
  • Select the previous note, press T (“tie”) to join up the parts of the note again.

If I may, I remember that u stands for cUt… and it does cut slash regions, as well as ties :wink:

I was having trouble adding a turn through the popover, but I’ve finally realised my mistake: after typing “turn” in the popover I would click enter and then enter once again, and nothing would happen. Instead, when I used the space bar to move the caret ahead, the turn did in fact appear.

Even if we can do the workaround to get the symbol placed between the two notes involved in a flip, the flip ornament symbol isn’t right.

See the two pictures below. The flip symbol usually looks like the picture named “Typical flip”. If all else fails, some people use a mordent / turn symbol, but that isn’t what jazz players expect to see.

I have no idea what the thing in the picture “Dorico flip” is. That’s what you get if you type “flip” into the ornaments menu. I have never seen that symbol in any printed jazz music. That would only confuse players, IMHO.

So my question is how do we get the typical flip symbol to come out?
Typical flip.JPG
Dorico flip.JPG


For the time being, you’ll have to substitute a symbol that is more pleasing to your eye via the Engrave > Music Symbols dialog.

You can get the symbol here