That is to say, the overall productivity and capability of Dorico is greater than the impact of the missing features. I know this is a personal judgment that won’t be true for everybody.

Exactly true for me.

The new update will be coming before the end of the year – indeed, if all goes well, before the end of November. John is planning to show some of the new features in this month’s Discover Dorico livestream on YouTube, so that will be one to watch.


Daniel, could you maybe tell us if cues in drum parts will also be in the next update or if they are soon to be expected?

Jazz articulations, repeat structures (next update) and cues in drum parts (?) are the last things I need for my jazz writing.


There aren’t any changes to either cues or percussion coming in the next update.

A workaround for drum cues that has worked for me is to create a cue in another instrument, then copy/paste (or cut/paste) it into the drum part. Seems to work well for me. I often switch it to rhythm cue in the properties and it appears above the staff which is common for jazz writing.


Thanks James

Although I appreciate all kinds of workarounds, I am more of a “waiting for the real thing” kind of guy.

But of course I didn’t mean that cues in drums are the last thing that I need. Got a little lost in translation there. What I meant was, last thing that I need before I have everything that I need. If that makes sense.

Ok - thanks Daniel! I hope it is going to come soon :slight_smile:

I watched yesterdays Discover Dorico and I’m really looking forward for the Jazz Articulations amongst other things.

One thing that I notice is lack of (or not really) a common articulations - the shake.

I’m perfectly happy with using the trill symbol (wavy line) as a shake symbol - in fact a shake is a kind of a trill. It looks really nice and using the trill symbol I can make it as long and short as I want. But I need to be able to get rid of the “tr” which I don’t seem to be able to do in the Properties panel. If I could then it would be a great shake symbol.

As always, doing a great job and always looking forward working in Dorico!

The DS stuff is brilliant (as expected).

I like the swap. Nice little touch that will be a time saver. How does it work if there are three staves selected? Does it rotate?

“Select more” for chord symbols solves one of the more annoying limitations.

I am surprised that there is no pitch bend (dip) in the jazz articulations. That is one of the most common ones, typically shown with a stretched “U” over the note. Is it too late to get that included? Also, is shake included?


There is! You find it in under Brass techniques in Playing techniques. But it’s a bit narrow to my taste, could be wider. Or at least an option to make it wider in Engraving options.

Hello All -
I just installed the 2.2 upgrade - all seems to be working well, and I am slowly migrating from Sibelius.
But I am very interested in playback of jazz articulations. I’ve just been using the HALion Sonic SE that came with Dorico 2, and I’m wondering if this library has been upgraded recently, and what the plans are. I could purchase the Garritan library and use the ARIA player for jazz, but I noticed that this was last upgraded in 2013, and has been purchased by MakeMusic.
Also is there an easy way to track all of these updates from a web page?
Thanks in advance,

John, your best bet may be to subscribe to the Dorico YouTube channel. I get an email notification every time they post a video, and they always post several with each big new update. Or Scoring Notes Blog is great as well, if you want to get an email.

2.2 was the last major free update before 3.0, which will be released sometime next year (early, we hope!).

Thanks Dan - from looking at the video about new 2.2 features I was pleased to seen that jazz articulations have been added to the graphics, but disappointed that they won’t play back at this point. Is this something that we might expect in Dorico 3?
Specifically, I would like to “bounce” my scores to audio for demos, and would be great to have those articulations included!

At this stage I can’t say whether or not it’s likely that jazz articulations will play back in the next major version of the software. Dorico itself doesn’t come with (and is unlikely in the near- to medium-term to come with) sounds that provide sampled jazz articulations, but hopefully we can make it easily possible to trigger these sounds in a third-party sound library if you have them.

Thanks Daniel - I’m wondering it Steinberg would be interested in developing those libraries - or offering an optional extension to the HALion sounds - that’s another kind of upgrade that many would be willing to pay for, instead of relying on the old (2013) Garritan libraries, which are very good but are also limited in terms of articulations.
On another note, I was very pleased to hear my trills play back in the new Dorico today!

Perhaps I’m barking up the wrong tree, but it seems to me it should be possible to use the pitch bend and other standard controls to at least roughly approximate the intention of most of the jazz articulations, without requiring special libraries. I’m not necessarily suggesting this would be a productive use of the valuable time of the Dorico team. But perhaps there are clever people in the user base who could figure this out.

what I’m suggesting at this point is to address the issue in tandem with the larger Steinberg team, since Steinberg makes their own highly regarded VST instruments.