Jazz Band Score Order - Opinions?

Yes. I start a new project from scratch and select the new Band score order. The clarinets and Trpt/Horn show correctly. When I enter the exact same instruments you show here, I have to select them twice and they show on separate staves, my Cowbells show as “2 & 3”-not 1 & 2; my Conga only shows 1, not a pair like yours, and when I add them, they go straight to the top of the score. Maybe it’s my instrument definitions? Or should I add your 1st .zip file in addition to the updated one? What you are trying to accomplish is awesome, and I’m grateful for your willingness to share it.

You’ve actually caught a bug! The definition for the Conga instrument, as defined in the factory instruments.xml file, doesn’t actually have an entry in the factory instrumentScoreOrders.xml file, so it is always being placed at the top. I’ve corrected it now in my file, but obviously this will remain at the top in the factory Orchestral and Band score orders until fixed in a future update.

Here’s a corrected file:
JazzInstrumentScoreOrderV4.zip (3.8 KB)

Just confirming that you aren’t actually adding any .zip files, right? The forum doesn’t let us post doricolib files, so they have to be zipped up first. It’s the doricolib file that’s inside the .zip file that needs to go in the DefaultLibraryAdditions folder.

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With the Conga bug fixed in my V3 file (but not the factory file), the differences should be even more pronounced as in the gif below:

(In my file, both Upright Bass and String Bass are ordered to go in the rhythm section. Contrabass and Double Bass are ordered to go with the Strings.)

I did just install the doricolib. file. I’m SO grateful for your kindness (and patience) in helping me- and sharing your work so generously. I’ll install the new file and enjoy the fruits of your labor🙂 Having a consistent and predictable score order (especially for jazz scores) is awesome!

Thank you!


I finally realized while it seems impossible to add an additional Score Order and have it work, it is possible to rename the Band order to Jazz. Internally Dorico still thinks it is instrumentscoreorder.windband, but at least the Jazz name will appear correctly now, so it’s easy to tell if it’s installed or not. (Remember it only works on File/New projects, not existing projects, as the score order is embedded.) Anyway, I think I’m about done fiddling with this, so if anyone has any other feedback or ordering suggestions, please let me know.

JazzInstrumentScoreOrderV4.zip (3.8 KB)


I think your ordering is well thought-out and probably represents the most common conventions in use.

Personally, I think it is insane for vocals to be buried in the middle of a score, ESPECIALLY in jazz band, but I’m sure I am in the very small minority. I could see that if the vocals were a minor feature of the chart, but in my work if there is a vocal, it is always the most important thing. Everything revolves around the singer(s) and that’s what I want to see on the top line as a conductor.

I know that isn’t convention, so I don’t expect the world to change for me, but it seems completely nutz to me.

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Thank you very much for creating this Jazz Score List, which is a really grat help in creating many different /unusual types of scores. Just tried it out and every thing is laid out correctly.
Yours efforts are much appreciated !!

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I usually want vocals right above the rhythm section, so it’s easy to follow along with the lyric and the chord changes. If you want them at the top, it’s probably only a 10 second fix though. All the vocal instruments are grouped together in the doricolib file, so you can just cut then paste them before the woodwinds, then save the file, and you’ll always have them on top.

You’re welcome! Thanks for testing it out.

Your “fiddling” is fine work :hugs:

I use a template for big band, octet, and all the other ensembles I write for. It is simple to drag the singer to the top in SETUP mode and save that way in the template. So I don’t have a problem. It just seems odd to me to not have the vocals right at the top if it is a vocal feature. Lately, I have been using condensing scores for big band and combo charts, and that makes me want the vocal line at the top even more because the other condensed lines come and go throughout the chart.

As I say, most people don’t agree with me on that.