Jazz Elements in CuBase Elements 11

Hi is Jazz Elements included in CuBase Elements,? It appears to be on my computer but I can not access it through Groove Agent,

The Steinberg Download Assistant shows in the Cubase Elements list what is included. If it’s not in that list, it’s not included.

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It’s in the list and shows as being installed, but I can not see it. Any idea’s.

Sorry, where do you see it?

In the download assistant, when I try to install it indicates it is already installed. But does not appear in the media window.

Hm… I see – this is included in Groove Agent SE.

Is it present in the Steinberg Library Manager? If not, go to the download folder (by default Downloads/Steinberg/ ) and double click the content file to get the Steinberg Library Manager to register it.

You should be able to see its presets in the “Load” window of Groove Agent SE.

Am looking in Groove Agent SE but not sure what I’m looking for, have checked the Library and seems the VSTi is loaded. Should I see Jazz Essentials in this list please see the screen shot attached.

Here’s what I see in the Groove Agent Load Preset window: (not Right Zone Media tab)

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Have also looked in the attached Library Manager as well.

That is the Mediabay, not the plugin.

Can you send screen shot of where I should look please.

I did, look at my posts in this thread… be sure to read…

Seen your image thanks, will try and get to the same screen.

Insert the plugin on the track and open the plugin.

Got to the screen where you indicated, but Jazz Essentials is not showing up, for some strange reason when I try and do a screen grab (am on a Mac) the Groove Agent SE5 window disappears.

Right click and deactivate Always on Top for that.

Did you see this?

The file is FCP_SMT_746_GA_Jazz_Essentials_SP

Library Manager not seeing it there. Is the Right Click part of Grab on the Mac

Just done a re-install and get the message that the 746 file is already registered.

Image of where I am now.

Need to call it a day, will come back to this later, thanks for the help so far.