Jazz/handwritten font?

Hi Daniel and team!
Congrats for this announcement, very proud of Steinberg for taking this opportunity to shine!
One quick question: How has the integration of a Jazz-style or handwritten font progressed at this point? I completely understand it’s a vanity thing, but I’d still be very nice to have. Gives me the fuzzies… :wink:


Hi Benji,

I have started work on a handwritten font, but I’m not sure at this stage whether I will be able to complete it in time for the initial release. Given that SMuFL includes well over 2440 musical symbols, it was an enormous job to create Bravura (our traditional engraved font), and doing a handwritten one is possibly even harder and more time-consuming. But I will try to make some progress over the course of the summer.

All the best,


thanks so much for your quick answer, exactly what I wanted to know!
Don’t worry about this too much though, I/we all would rather see a polished and breathtaking release without the Jazz stuff holding you up!

Thanks again and keep up the good work!