Jazz/Jazz Fusion/Funk/Dub | Issah Contractor - An Apology LP



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I love fusion, and this is serious stuff. I gather you’re playing bass and drums? Did you record these tracks in your own studio? It has a certain live sound to it. I think critiquing these recordings is above my level of expertise, so I’ll just say, fabulous! Bass and drums are really great, and I am truly admiring the guitarist. Sounded like Metheny at first, but then Scofield, but then it sounded like whoever he is! Thanks for posting.

Not me playing. Issah Contractor played both Drums/Bass (no guitarist, mostly 6-string bass you hear), a fellow named Brent Mah did the Sax.

I just engineered/mixed.

You’re saying at 46 seconds that’s a bass? I do not believe it!

haha, that is in fact a bass. but derrr, there is some electric guitar on the record… but you will definitely know when it’s electric guitar. :laughing:

Evidently, I will not know when it’s an electric guitar! Crap!

Too be fair, that is some pretty high melody “bass” guitar. Tone wise you will hear the electric guitar, it’s just on two of the 9 tracks on the record.

This guy is just that more amazing than I realized. I’m embarrassed to admit that guitar is my main instrument.

I know how you feel, my main instrument as well haha. Definitely mixed it at times to sound a bit like a jazz guitar with the tone knob on the guitar rolling off the highs.

excellent stuff ,incredible playing and mixing. i only listened on the ear goggles but it was an interesting ride, well done.enjoyed it very much all the way through .thanks for posting ,are you gonna press the switch and let us download it for free ,ha ha

glad people are enjoying it as a play-through… there was definitely an objective to accomplish that.

sure I can send you a copy


Albums on BandCamp now:

I really enjoyed that, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Yes, I remember the video you originally posted. Great stuff, very refreshing, I’ve bought the album. Superb playing and beautifully recorded.



Really tremendous playing, arrangements and engineering.

Great music with a good feel… Really enjoy listening! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, sorry for late reply! Of coarse by now I`ve identified all sorts of things I would have done better… the mixers plight :smiley: