Jazz swing with female vocals

Hello Cubasians

Please listen to ‘I Want You Here’ of my band Portonova. I’ve tried to write a modern jazz ‘standard’.
Composition, recording and mix were done with Cubase 6. Only the drums were recorded on location with ProTools.
I’ve used the plugins of Cubase and some PSP stuff (Vintage Warmer, Xenon and NobleQ)

Please let me know what you think of it.

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From your other post I actually commented on this piece then;

“Listened to a couple of the other tracks also ‘I Want You Here’ sounded really great. Solid melody (great sense of melody in fact in both the composition and the solo sections,) harmony, combination and performance of instruments and vocal. Almost had me tapping my foot, I enjoyed it a lot.”

Nothing else to add, I enjoy that piece a lot. :slight_smile: And that is really the highest compliment I can give (and hope to receive,) enjoyment as a listener and not as a critic. :wink:

Good track. What did you use for the bass? The singers voice is so charming ,it takes away any desire to critique Nicely done

Thanx Mr M :slight_smile: The bass is the only instrument that wasn’t live in this song. I’ve used some loops, cut them up and tuned them note for note with Melodyne.

And thanx again Jonathan, some forum people like you already have commented on that track before I ‘officially’ posted it here. Much appreciate.

YouTube … 0wqbv_CdI4

I like the vib - reminds me of Chicago.

The bass, however, is non-existent. I get that it isn’t live, but there are serious issues with the fact that it is inaudible. Can you bump it up a few dBs?

Hey man that’s brilliant !! what a great singer, well done…not much bass on my speakers though…Kevin

Thanx Kevin and Foolomon,

You’re right: I’ve struggled with the bass. I thought it was oké by now, but obviously I have some work to do. :slight_smile:

Kind regards



Very interesting vocal, it draws my attention to the song, nice instruments, foot tapping song that wants me reach for a bottle of red wine and sit back in front of the stereo. Beautiful !!

Nice composition and recording! I actually like how the sax is a bit out of tune :laughing: . Personally, I’d treat the wonderful vocal with less reverb. The bass sounds fine to me; this isn’t Rock n Roll, ya know :laughing:

Thanx Twilightsong :slight_smile:
I’m a bit confused about your remarks about the sax, haven’t really noticed. Do more people on this forum hear this?

Really appreciate your kind comment, MFox.