Referring to a topic from Miere Cat with subject " Dedicated Jazz Post" posted on november 16, 2016 and exploring the just released version 1.1 from Dorico and also watching the YouTube video about it I notice the following:

  1. No Time Slashes, Rhythm Slashes, etc.
  2. No Custom Rehearsal remarks possible?
  3. Missing Jazz Tempo Remarks: Medium Swing, etc. and a possible future implementation in Play mode " Swing" and " Straight".
  4. No handwritten Font like the one used in the Real Book possible?
  5. No Jazz Ornamentation: falls, spills, rips. shakes, slides, etc.
  6. No Drum Set Notation? (not sure about this one).

Maybe some of the above features have been implemented. Nevertheless if anyone else likes to add comments or suggestions, you’re welcome.